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                   FAQ’s about Blog Indexer


What is the Blog Indexer?    When readers want to find a blog, they don't have to know the unique spelling of a writer's name or remember an esoteric title in order to find it.  Just like the "yellow pages" phone directory back-in-the-day, readers can find blogs of interest by doing a category search.  Blog Indexer will produce its own blog, which will supplement our FAQs page and provide answers to questions.  

How do I use the Blog Indexer?   Go to our HOME page and click on a category.  Each category has links to blogs.   If you have a blog that hasn’t been listed yet, go to our ADVERTISING page to sign up for your FREE listing!

How did Blog Indexer choose its categories?  The project began with a handful of blogs that the Publisher was aware of --- mostly written by friends, or friends of friends.  As we began the process, we combed through their blog rolls to find additional blogs.  Categories evolved, based on what we found. 

How did Blog Indexer decide where to categorize blogs?   It wasn’t easy to figure out where to put an author who writes mostly about his dog.  Is it an Author BLOG or a Dog BLOG?  We used our best judgment to put blogs where we thought people would look for them.  Bloggers can re-categorize themselves (one time per year, for FREE), and/or buy additional line listings.  So, if you’re a published author who writes about dogs, your readers can find you in both categories!  Go to ADVERTISING.

FAQ’s for Bloggers…

What if I see mistakes in my blog listing?   You can change/ fix mistakes before you “approve” your FREE listing.  Please make sure it is in the category heading that you want to use. 

What if my blog is in the wrong category?  Once a year bloggers may change their FREE listing (after initial approval).  To approve or input your FREE listing, go to ADVERTISING.  (Official Government blogs - Federal, State, County and City - may be updated at any time at no charge.)

What if I have more than one blog?   Writers with more than one blog can index all of them.  Each blog gets ONE FREE line-listing under a category heading, as long as each blog has its own unique title and url, and its purpose is not strictly to drive readers to one of the other blogs.  For example, a book reviewer may have three blogs – one blog for reviewing books in general (Book BLOGs), one for romance book reviews (Book BLOGs – Romance), and one for young adult readers (Book BLOGs - YA/KidLit).   In this case, all three line-listings will be FREE because there are three separate blogs, even though they are by one author.

Can I list a blog for someone else?  No.  Only the blog author can sign up for their FREE listing.

What about blogger privacy?    Blog Indexer does not publish information that cannot be viewed on the blog (or any related author website/s).

If I have a confidential blog, can it be indexed?    Yes.  We did not index any, but we will allow them, as long as we have access to review them periodically to insure that they meet our guidelines.

What are “Lifestyles” blogs?   We categorized blogs under different “Lifestyles” headings when they read like diary pieces that didn’t fit into any other category headings.  Some people wrote specifically about their Rural Lifestyles, or their eco-friendly Green Lifestyles.  Bloggers who wrote about many different things and didn’t fit into one specific category were classified under Lifestyles.

What is a Promotional/ Etsy blog?    These are blogs whose only purpose is to drive sales, and whose content is limited to information about a specific product/ service.  The Etsy blogs classified here are those whose only purpose is to direct readers to a specific Etsy shop.

Why are some blogs classified under Promotional/ Etsy, when other Etsy shops have their blogs under a specific category heading?   The decision was made based on content.  If the only purpose of someone’s Etsy blog is to point the reader to an Etsy shop, then it has been treated as promotional.  However, some bloggers have a great deal of written content to communicate, to inform and/or to entertain, so it was indexed in the relevant category.

Why is Real Estate separate from Promotional/ Etsy?  Although the Real Estate blogs are completely promotional in nature, readers of those blogs can gain general market information whether they buy from that blogger or not.  

What constitutes a blog, for the Blog Indexer, and what about V-logs & UTube blogs?   For our purposes, a blog is a web writing that allows for comments, as opposed to a static web page whose primary function is to transmit information about a product or service, or to act as a link directing readers to a blog.  We will index a site as a blog even if its url is a website or “.net” or “.org.”  To us, “it’s all about communication.”  If the communication goes both ways, and allows for reader comments and feedback, we will index it as a blog. Occasionally, we saw blogs that said “comments turned off.”  We did not index them.  As to UTube and V-logs, we did not seek them out, because our main focus is on the written word.  If you have visited a site that does not appear to be within our guidelines, please CONTACT US regarding your concern(s). 

How will Blog Indexer monitor ‘inappropriate’ subject matter?  The Blog Indexer guidelines are modeled after those used by the “yellow pages” phone directories and by national newspapers. 

* All new or changed listings will be reviewed prior to publication. 

* The FREE line listing is at our option, and we do not guarantee that we will give a listing to every blogger who requests one.

* Even if a blog does not appear inappropriate, if we receive complaints that it is linking to inappropriate content, it may be removed from our index.

* If we receive complaints regarding technical issues caused by a blog, we may choose to cancel that blog’s listing(s).  We will discontinue a blog listing if we get reports of pop-ups and “screen grabbing” or other interference(s) with a reader’s ability to view and enjoy it easily.

* Blogs that violate copyrights or infringe on the use of celebrity images or other trademarked or copyrighted materials will receive a one-time warning but if complaints continue, their listing(s) will be removed.

FAQ’s for BLOG Readers…

I would like to use the “Alphabetical Search by Author Last Name” at the bottom of the HOME page, but nothing happens when I click on the boxes.   We are designing an author look-up index, alphabetized by last name, but it is not yet connected.  Once we have it installed, authors will be able to list themselves so readers can find a blog by looking up an author's last name.

What if I see duplicate listings for a blog?   If you see the same blog listed in two categories, it may be because the blogger has chosen to get an additional listing.  If you see two listings in the same category, it is an error. Please CONTACT US.

What if I see a blog that appears to be listed in the wrong category?  There could be several reasons for this.  It could be a mistake; it could be that the blogger has changed subject matter after they approved their initial listing; or it could be that someone is being inappropriate --- listing their blog in a category that they are not supposed to be in.  An example might be someone blogging about Political Commentary but trying to categorize their blog as News.  Please CONTACT US to review your concern(s).

What should I do if I believe a blogger is deceased?   Please CONTACT US, and tell us how we can reach the family.  In some cases, we may remove the link to that blog.  However, if a family wishes to have the content remain visible, we may continue to keep it in our index.  Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  (If you believe that someone is deceased, please be prepared to give us a link to your source of information, such as a news article or mortuary page.)  During our process, we occasionally noticed blogs that had not been updated for a long time.  With very few exceptions, we did not index them.

What if a Blog Indexer link sends me to a blog that has been removed, or re-directs me to a different blog?   Please CONTACT US so we can update our index.


We have tried to think of every question you may have about this product and service.  If we have not answered your question, please CONTACT US.